Handmade Card for 10 Minute Color Challenge

This weeks challenge is to use the colors you see above to make a card in 10 minutes.  As I looked at the colors my thoughts where Chocolate Chip, Whisper White, Pretty in Pink – no problem!  But Soft Suede??  I have hardly used that color and I just don’t see using it with Chocolate Chip.  It took me a little while to decide how I was going to incorporate that color.

Ready to go!

Okay, I’ve got 10 minutes – let’s see how I do!  I grabbed up my cardstock and ran to the paper cutter.  Back at my desk again I grabbed the rose stamp from the Elements of Style stamp set.

Elements of Style stamp set

First I stamped in Whisper White craft onto the Soft Suede cardstock and then I cleaned the stamp and stamped it again, just slightly off from the first stamp, in Chocolate Chip craft ink.  See how it sort of pops off the paper when you do that?  So very neat!

Pretty in Pink Satin Ribbon

After hitting the image really fast with the Heat Tool (to dry it), I ran into the laundry room to spritz the cardstock with the Log Cabin Smooch Spritz. Unfortunately the spritz sort of dulled the effect of the stamping.  I wish I’d thought to spritz the cardstock before stamping but . . . no time to change it!

I added some Pretty in Pink satin ribbon and held the bow together with one of our neutral brads.  From there I did a little punching and added some pretties until I heard my youngest start to cry upstairs.  It was time to be done whether I was done or not!


Wow!  I’m done early!  (Well, I probably would have used more of the time up if my son hadn’t been crying but . . . .

My handmade card

Well, what do you think?  I added a pearl from the Pretties Kit onto the neutral brad and some more up in the corner.  Unfortunately the pearls are a bit crooked.  I was having some trouble with my 2-way glue pen when I adhered them on causing a little distraction on my part.  (Later when I had time to look at the glue pen I found that it was coming unscrewed and that’s why it was pouring glue all over the place.)

Close up view

Here’s a close up view of the card.  It’s not perfect but I’m pretty pleased with it considering the amount of time I had.  I hope you’ll take a moment to leave a comment if you like the card!  Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, I did post the handmade motorcycle card I promised, this is the second post of the day so be sure to follow the link or page down for the motorcycle card too!


  1. Wow, love that technique! This is a lovely, lovely card. Great job!

  2. The double stamping really is a nice effect; I am amazed that you can stamp the second time so close to the first one! I think I will have to practice that. I think the browns are great together!

  3. Becky, you did a great job on this card! I’m with you on combining the chocolate chip witht he soft suede, but I LOVE the way your card tunred out! Thanks for sharing.

  4. well you know what Becky I would have never known that the soft suede was intimading you cause – girl you rocked this challenge
    your card is super well done and aught to be real proud – cause I am so proud of YOU

  5. Mitzi Luttrull

    I like what you did with the stamp: gave it the 3D look. Very pretty card.

  6. Beautiful card, Becky. I love the shadow technique you did with Elements of Style. It would be great to see it with the spritz under the stamping, like you mentioned. And I am with you on Soft Suede–I have used it maybe one other time in the past year! So this challenge was great–got me to use it and find it wasn’t as bad as I thought!

  7. Thanks for sharing the double stamping technique! I love the touch of pink!

  8. This is a great card – love the technique used on it. And I love combining the pink and brown colors! Great Job!

  9. What a beatiful card and so simple yet stunning! TFS

  10. Too pretty to believe it took less than ten minutes, no one would guess if you didn’t tell them! I love that color combo it has a je ne sais quoi I adore!

  11. What a gorgeous card Becky! I love that stamping effect! So cool! You rocked with these colours!
    Lesley 😉

  12. Wow! This is gorgeous! Can’t believe it only took you 10 minutes to make!

  13. Very pretty – but then, I *LOVE* pink and brown…so it’s a shoo-in! 🙂

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