Handmade Penguin Valentine Cards

Handmade Penguin Valentine Cards

This year my children have had plenty of down-time so I put them to work on their own valentines instead of me doing all the work.  I took them down to the studio and had the younger two looked through my Punch Pals book.  I knew before giving the book to them which one Ethan would choose.  He loves penguins, I knew he would choose the penguin.Stampin' Up! Punch PenguinHere he is!  I’m quite proud of Ethan for all the work he did on these.  He didn’t do it all, I helped, but he did a lot.  He glued on the belly and the wings (is that what you call them?) and feet of the penguin, he stamped the hearts and embossed the background. . . .  They’re so cute!

Stampin' Up! personalized stamp

Ethan also enjoyed stamping the backs of the valentines (although he wasn’t all that into writing everyone’s names . . . I couldn’t blame him too much after all the work he did though.)

He used the “created by” stamp from the Creatively Yours stamp set, the heart from the Hearts a Flutter stamp set and then the Casual Monogram personalized stamp I bought him for Christmas.

Handmade valentines for children

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these cute little valentines!  I’m sure Ethan would love to see your comments if you have a minute or two.

Thank you for coming by to visit today!


  1. Ethan is a boy after my heart, I love Penguins too. Ethan you did a super job making all of those Penguin cards. I think that “Handmade Penguin Valentine Cards” are the best to make because each recipient will know that you put a lot of love and time just to make them feel so special. Great job Ethan and keep up the great work. Have a fun day.


  3. Ethan, I think your penguins are really cute, especially the different ways you put on the wings. It looks like a *lot* of work!

  4. Dear Ethan ~ You did a great job on your valentines. They are so cute! I like penguins too.

  5. What a great job he did!!!

  6. Ethan…your cards are so cute! You did a great job on your Valentines. I hope you wouldn’t mind if I used your idea for some of my Valentine cards. When I post them on my blog I will give you credit for the cards.
    Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. I love these valentines! Ethan did an awesome job! I’m sure everyone who receives a card from him will LOVE it!

  8. Ethan, you did a fantastic job on your valentine’s! And with all of this ice and snow we’ve been having, I think the penguins are a perfect choice!! Great Job! 🙂

  9. Ethan, you did such a wonderful job on these cards!
    I just love the penguins!

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