Making Valentines With My Boys

Making Valentines With My Boys

Do you remember last Thursday when I said I was hoping my children would be heading back to school that day?  Yeah, well, no.  School was going to open that day, until they found a broken water pipe flooding one of the buildings at school . . .

That means my boys have been home, and we’ve been trying to stay busy!  On Monday I brought the all down to the Studio and put them to work on their valentines!  Normally I make them, but this year, they’re working hard on them!Making Valentines with Stampin' Up! ProductThe punches came out and the younger two boys looked through my Punch Pals books and made their selections.  I’ll share those valentines with you another day!

My oldest son chose to work with the Whole Lot of Love Monster valentines, but that does not mean he didn’t have anything to work on!

Monster valentines

He has been busily using his Rainbow Loom to make little creatures for each of the valentines to hold!  He is making one for each of his classmates.  This particular little creature is a gingerbread man he created without any instructions!

A Whole Lot of Love

He still has some more to make, but being the proud mama I am, I had to go ahead and share them now!  These little monster valentines and the pink monsters are still available and you still have time if you hurry!

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. It is great to see you “Making Valentines With My Boys”, they are right into their creations. The end results are just wonderful. Thank you for sharing the Cards that the Boy’s made. Tell them thank you for sharing also. Have a great day.

  2. I’m lucky, I got to see all those wonderful valentines when I was making my winter frames. Your boys did a FANTASTIC job and those monster creations are AWESOME! It is easy to see where they get their creativity from.

  3. Way to go, Micah – awesome job!

  4. Micah, these are grrrreat!!!!!!! You have done a
    wonderful job!

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