Organizing & Decorating a Craft Room

Organizing & Decorating a Craft Room

I’ve been working on a special project for a little while now and I am so excited to finally be able to share it with you!  Doesn’t that picture above just pique your interest?

For a little while now I have been contemplating and talking with my husband about branching out to include a fun new area with my business.  I love creating, in many different ways!  I want to begin helping others claim an inspiring, organized space for their creating endeavors!

Recently I have spent three days in Nancy’s craft room.  Nancy has a great room but she invited me in to spruce it up a little and make it special!  Come visit Nancy’s craft room with me!Decorating a craft room

Today I’m going to share some Before and After pictures and then tomorrow I’m going to share some fun additions I added to the room, be sure to check back for those too, they’re great!

Craft Room ideas

It may not look like much from this vantage point . . . but keeping looking!

Stamp storage

Nancy has these great drawers for storing stamps and accessories.  Love them!  Don’t we all wish we had these?!  I didn’t do much inside the shelves, but I did tackle the top!

Craft Room organization

This is a great space, I wanted to make it look cute and yet be practical storage space as well!

12x12 paper storage

Once of the areas in which Nancy wanted help was with her stash of 12 by 12 papers.  She had this stash and then some more spread out in a different room.  Also, do you see the shoebox to the left?  There was also one on the right of the DSP.

Designer paper storage

I found cute metal boxes to replace the shoe boxes and these white shelves for the Designer Paper.

12x12 paper storage

And here is a second set of shelves for the 12×12 paper.

Craft room makeover

It’s a whole new counter now!

craft room ideas

Once again, in this area I was going for a little less of a cluttered look.

craft room reorganization

I know it’s hard to keep counter tops free from clutter, but it’s nice to know there is a place for everything and it doesn’t have to be!

Craft Room desk

It’s great to have supplies right at your fingertips but of course you need a little room for your creative endeavors too!  Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of this, but I moved a wheeled cart that Nancy had and put it under this table, right by Nancy’s chair. . .

craft desk makeover

Nancy’s most used stamps, Stampin’ Up! ink spots and a few other things went into the drawers under the table which are easily accessible but no easily seen!  (Do you see the fun Envelope Punch Board projects from the Envelope Punch Board Magic Class there on her desk?!)  I will give you a close up view of a few of the storage items on this desk tomorrow.

Stampin' Up! Storage

Here’s one more Before/After set for today.

punch/paper storage

A few letter trays, a couple little baskets and a some shifting and there we go!

I have a lot more to share with you with this makeover, be sure to check back tomorrow for fun close up pictures for a few areas (some of my favorites areas)!  After all, you’ve got to come back to learn more about that first pictures I shared with you!

Could your craft room use a makeover?  I would love to help you out in that area!


  1. nice! great job

  2. Love your ideas! One grammatical note: In the first paragraph it’s spelled “pique” not “peek”, although peeking at the photo may pique their interest. Thanks for the post!

  3. Jo-Ann Kremer

    What a fantastic craft room. I live in a one bedroom apartment and my supplies are under the bed, in closets, in the living room, on bookshelves, etc. This is my dream room!!
    Love looking at your website every AM.

  4. It’s so exciting to see this on your blog – but it’s even more exciting to walk into the room now and feel like it’s a whole new space! You did a wonderful job of making it pretty and organized, and I am blessed! 🙂 Thank you, Becky!

  5. Very well organised

  6. Wow!! I think I need to make some changes. The before and after photos are great, you could hardly tell the space in the after photos. Great job and thanks for sharing.

  7. Looks terrific! What a great, creative space Nancy has to start with, and now! Wow! Even better! 🙂

  8. Very exciting to see the finished product! Have heard a lot about your hard work. Thank you for sharing your special talents. I know mom is going to love being in her “playroom” even more now

  9. Great organizing tips! I am loving Nancy’s drawer units…they look like Ikea Alex units. Do you know where she got them? Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Ginger, the drawer units came from Home Decorators online. They don’t show this 14-drawer one anymore, but they have other sizes. The best part is that the drawers come out, so you can have a category of stamps right on the table while you are working. Love it! Happy makeover if you are planning one – if Becky helps you, you are in for a treat!

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