Playing With the Stampin’ Blends

Playing With the Stampin’ Blends

I finally had a chance to sit down with the new Stampin’ Blends markers!  I’ve always liked coloring, but these markers really make it enjoyable!  I’m pleased with how well the different shades blend together.  I haven’t had a chance to mix colors yet, but I bet it’s going to be a breeze with these.

Check out this extra simple card.  I totally focusing on trying out the markers, and keeping the rest uncomplicated.I look forward to sharing these markers with the UCRBC Tech Club members this morning.    I’m anxious to hear their thoughts about them.

I have another card to share with you tomorrow which also showcases the markers, it’s a little more detailed than this one.

Happy Saturday!


  1. It looks like “Playing With the Stampin’ Blends ” is going to be tons of fun and limitless. What is the color you used on the card you shared today? Is it one shade of green or different colors mixed? Have a great weekend.

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