Scrap Club Layouts for June 2021

Scrap Club Layouts for June 2021

I finally have the three June layouts to show you!  Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t the best when I took these pictures, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to put them out there.Scrapbooking in New Freedom, PAI really need to print some pictures so I’m afraid non of the layout have pictures on them yet.  This particular page will be great for any outdoors pictures you may have!

Sweet Treats scrapbook layout

It’s time for some summer treats, so we might as well document some of those fun occasions with a scrapbook layout!  The fun thing about this page is that you can go healthy with a fruity twist, or you can go a little healthy with the popsicle/ice cream twist.  Whatever summer treats you prefer!  We are using some pieces from a My Paper Pumpkin for this layout!

Firefly Scrapbook Layout

We’re pulling out some My Paper Pumpkin pieces for this layout as well.  We’ve got fireflies and lanterns going on with this layout.  I’m imagining photos in the Poor Party area of the center with the little fireflies flying about on the edges and the lanterns hanging out above.

I think these pages are going to be fun for summer pictures!


  1. It looks like quite a bit of creativity for” Scrap Club Layouts for June 2021”. Everyone have loads of fun and good fellowship. Thanks Becky. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. ( :

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