Shelf Life Decor Elements

Stampin' Up! Shelf Life Decor ElementsStampin' Up! DecorI’m excited to share these Decor Elements with you.  A friend and I repainted and decorated our church nursery (well, we’re still working on it really.)   These cute white shelves needed something special and yet not heavy to sit on them.  The Shelf Life Decor Elements work perfectly

You can see all of the pieces to the decor set here except for one jar.  There was one more that I didn’t Stampin' Decor Elementsuse.  It just seemed like it’d be too much.

If you’ve never used Decor Elements before, they’re very easy.  They are much like a rub-on.  You position the paper on the wall and then rub it so the decor sticks to the wall and simply pull off the paper.  That’s all there Vinyl Wall Decoris to it!  When you’re done with the  decor you simply peal it off your wall (note that these are not reusable.)

You can view the Decor Elements Brochure by clicking on the brochure in the left-hand column.


  1. Great idea for a room that doesn’t need the shelf space for “stuff”! It looks great and is quick to dust. 😉

  2. hey kate, i tried a lot to find out these wall stamp it stickers u have on this page i mean the vase the books etc, but couldnt find them on the sight for sale can u tell me where would i find them on the site for sale plz. thanks

    • Hi Sam,

      I’m sorry it’s so difficult to find what you’re looking for, it took me a little time too.

      Here’s what you need to do: click on the “Shop Stampin’ Up!” button at the top of the page, click “home decor” in the left column and then to avoid wading through everything search for “Shelf Life” under the “Elements” category.

      I hope that helps you! The price for the entire set is $17.95. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance!

      Becky 🙂

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