Simple Christmas Cutout Card

Simple Christmas Cutout Card

I have a pretty simple Christmas card to share with you today.  Other than the sentiment, it does not involve stamping.  Stampin' Up! Christmas Card

The sentiment stamp I used is a retired one that I really like and have kept over the years.

We made this card in our Christmas Card Class last month.

I am still trying to adjust to this new computer and the different ways I now have to edit pictures.  That on top of Cookie Day and other events has had me a bit behind in blog posts, again.  Sorry!  Learning a new way of doing things when I had my method down makes me a little grumpy.

I do hope you are doing well and your week is off to a great start!


  1. Thanks for sharing “Simple Christmas Cutout Card” with us today. I think it is just beautiful. Have a great day. ( :

  2. Mary Lou Smelgus

    Like you, I am struggling to get used to my new Apple products. They are so different from Microsoft. They should come with tutorials. Thank goodness for Youtube. Good luck and thanks for sharing your work.

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