Spring Paper Flower Bouquet

Spring Paper Flower Bouquet

I was on a mission yesterday.  I took down my winter wreath from the hallway (finally!) and put up the Spring Wreath we made last year.  In the same hallway, I was displaying the Winter Bouquet and wanted to replace it with some flowers to match the spring wreath.  Hmm . . . problem . . . Spring Flower Bouquet Made with Paper

Well, not anymore!  I solved that problem!  What do you think?  I made Daffodils, Lilies Tulips and Crocuses, all from Stampin’ Up! card stock!

I’ve already been asked if this will be a class.  Well, I’ll have to get back to you on that one!

Handmade Spring Wreath

In the meantime, here’s the wreath we made last year.  I was based the bouquet on this wreath! Now I have two beautiful projects on display in the hallway!

I have one more area there in the hallway that I need to take care of.  I have a little table with the three blue ribbon trees I made.  What am I going to put there now?  Well . . . I’ll let you know when I figure it out!



  1. Oh how beautiful Becky. I think you are the most talented person in the world. You have a God given gift and you use it to it’s fullest. The “Spring Paper Flower Bouquet” looks like you went out and picked real flowers and arranged them. They are gorgeous indeed. Thanks for sharing such beautiful creations and have a great weekend.

  2. Amazing creativity! Your projects are always so pretty and you seem to produce them with ease.
    Both of these are lovely – no surprise! 🙂

  3. Will you be doing a tutorial for this? Thanks, beautiful!!!

  4. Lovely—you are soooooo creative!!!!

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