Using Retired Stampin’ Up! Fabric

Using Retired Stampin’ Up! Fabric

How many of you have Stampin’ Up! fabric from way back when we sold that?  Who has a bag made by my mom using that fabric?  I know some of you do!

I pulled out my stash of SU! fabric (I didn’t realize how big of a stash I still have!) in order to make sew homemade masks.Homemade Masks from SU! fabricI do not especially enjoy sewing (in fact, it’s more like “I hate sewing”), but I can do simple things on occasion.  Thankfully my ancient sewing machine didn’t give me too many issues with these.  I figure if we have to wear a mask, we might as well have a cute one!

Thanks for coming by to visit today!  I miss you all!


  1. Are you selling these?

  2. You did a great job sewing with “Using Retired Stampin’ Up! Fabric”. Super fine idea. Stay safe everyone. ( :

  3. Using Retired Stampin’ Up! Fabric is a fantastic idea Becky, it’s catching on down here and people are charging high money for the. If I had the items to make them, I would give them away especially to the homeless and others who can’t afford them. Take good care of your family and pray for them and mine as I do yours. Stay safe Becky. ( :

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