Punch Art Bird Valentine

Punch Art Bird Valentine

I’ve shared the valentines my oldest son made with the Whole Lot of Love Monster Valentines and his Rainbow Loom and the Penguin Valentines my youngest son made.  Today I want to share what my middle son chose to make!

Once again, I pulled out my Punch Pals book and allowed him to choose a punch pal to create for his valentines.  Now I knew my middle guy wasn’t going to going to go for any pink or red, that’s not him.  In fact, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get him to use anything “valentine” with his card but he surprised me.Hearts a FlutterHe surprised me by using a heart from the Hearts A Flutter stamp set which he stamped and we cut out on the Big Shot.  How do you like his little bird?  Cute isn’t he?  Despite using the same supplies for every bird, they all turn out with a different look when you’re putting all those pieces together.

Jaan did mopst of the work on these valentines himself.  He punched shapes, embossed with the Woodgrain embossing folder, adhered and cut and stamped . . . .

Child's handmade valentine

On the back he used the “created by” stamp from the Creatively Yours stamp set and his Decorative Label Monogram I purchased for him for Christmas.

Stampin' Up! Punch Art Valentine

Jaan made about 30 of these fun little valentines in one morning (with a little help from me) and then he wrote and stamped on the backs of the valentines another day.  That’s pretty impressive in my book!

I enjoy creating with my children (although I’ll admit it’s a bit hectic hoping back and forth between one child creating penguins and another birds and another monsters all at the same time)!  Thank you for coming by to visit their creations and leave comments for them, it’s encouraging to both them and myself!

Have a wonderful day!  Thank you for coming by to visit!



  1. Good job, Jaan! I like your birds and the colors you chose, and I’m sure your friends will, too.

  2. I must admit that you have some very creative children Becky. I was surprised to see the “Punch Art Bird Valentine” that Jaan chose to do. I love the color he chose to use, it shows that he used his imagination and his used the color he likes best. Great job on all of the cards. What lucky classmates your children have. Thank you all for sharing and have a fun day. I hope someday I receive such a work of art.

  3. Jaan – you did a terrific job on your cards! I love those birds – makes me think of spring! 🙂 Great job!

  4. Jaan~ Your valentines are really cute. You must have worked very hard to make so many of them.

  5. How cute. Jann did a great job! Friends will be happy to re get one of these.

  6. Jaan did a great job! They are cute too.

  7. Jann, these valentines are fantastic! You have
    done a lot of work and it shows. Great job!

  8. Thank you for your nice comments – Jaan

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